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Advanced Module

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media for Interior Designers

Are you dreaming about starting your own interior design business? Or perhaps you’re doing a few side-jobs in your free time hoping to start a design business full-time. Maybe you’ve just started your design business but need a bit of a boost to take it to the next level. Wherever you are in the process of starting your own design business, this Advanced Module is for you!

Cost £125.00

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  • About The Authors

    Starting Your Own Business

    Business Plan

    Executive Summary

    Your Business Overview

    Business Environment And Competition

    Sales And Marketing

    Financial Plan

    Setting Up Your Business

    Business Structure

    Business And Domain Names


    Developing An Aesthetic

    Branding My Business - Where Do I Begin?

    Planning Your Website

    Home Page

    About Page

    Portfolio Page

    Services Page

    Press Page

    Contact Page


  • Blog

    Content Creation For Your Website & Blog

    Writing - Message, Style, Grammar And Tone


    #Idistudent Website Examples

    Social Media

    Your Personal Brand

    Creating Your Overall ‘Look’

    Choosing The Right Platforms








    Integrating Social Media On Your Website

    Social Media Marketing

    The Importance Of Scheduling & Planning

    Monitoring And Momentum

    Brainstorming And Streamlining

    Engage Your Audience

  • Collaborating With Other Brands

    Media Kit

    Traditional Marketing

    Why Should I Use Different Types Of Marketing?

    What Are The Different Types Of Marketing?

    Advertising And Direct Mail


    Business Cards

    Cross Promotion And Referrals

    Increasing Visibility


    Page Titles




    What Is E-Marketing?

    Money Matters And Financial Health

    How Much Will I Charge?

    Will I Need An Office, Staff, And What Equipment?

    Financial Health - How Do I Know If My Business Is A Success?

Advanced Module

Plant Styling & Landscape Design

Learn how plants enrich spaces and get creative with greenery in this Advanced Module in Plant Styling & Landscape Design!

You will be taught how to create lush sanctuaries and reconnect with nature, curate design-savvy botanical solutions that inspires and invigorates, learn how to style with plants and create useful, practical outdoor spaces for relaxing, entertaining, playing and working.

Cost £125.00

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  • Introduction

    Interior Plant Styling

    What Is Plant Styling?

    Things To Consider

    Plant Accessories

    Things To Consider

    Reasons To Decorate With Plants

    Creating A Look

    Applying The Design Principles And Elements






    Plant Stylists & Enthusiasts To Follow

    Landscape Design

    The Role Of A Landscaper

  • Hard Landscaping Vs Soft Landscaping

    Hard Landscaping

    Soft Landscaping

    Outdoor Spaces

    Build A Native Plant Garden

    Save Space For Outdoor Entertaining

    Creating An Inviting Outdoor Space

    Add Structure

    Outdoor Lighting

    Spruce The Outdoor Space With Colours

    Set Down Some Pavers

    Add A Container Garden

    Introduce Rock Gardens

    Design Considerations For Small Spaces

    Garden Styles

    Contemporary Gardens

    Traditional Gardens

  • Cottage Gardens

    Formal Gardens

    Mediterranean Gardens

    Minimalist Gardens

    Japanese Gardens

    Wildlife Gardens

    Tropical Gardens

    Community Gardens

    Organic Gardens

    Vertical Gardens

    Garden Maintenance


    Correct Watering

    Examine The Soil


    Spatial Planning For Landscape Design

Advanced Module

Home Staging & Property Styling

Get ahead of your competition and offer another element to your Interior Design services!

In this comprehensive module, you will learn how to design & re-invent any property to allure the right target market and succeed in settling for a premium property price.

Cost £125.00

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  • Introduction to Home Staging & Property Styling

    A Brief History of Style

    Styling a Home for Sale

    Styling to Sell a Home on a Budget


  • 14 Reasons Why and How Home Staging Works

    Staging Areas of the Home

    The Services of a Home Stylist

    Top 10 Tips for Home Staging


  • The One Day Stylist



    Useful Global Resources

    Stylist Sourcebook

Advanced Module

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Get access to all of the insider secrets and expert advice on how to design impeccable kitchens and bathrooms!

The Advanced Module in Kitchen & Bathroom Design will explore the professional world of designing innovative, functional and phenomenal kitchens and bathrooms, giving you the edge on this competitive industry.

Cost £125.00

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  • Introduction to Kitchen & Bathroom Design

    Residential Kitchen Design

    Kitchen Planning

    Selecting Kitchen Units

    Selecting Basic Units

    Selecting Storage Options

    Selecting Doors

    Selecting Handles

    Types of Kitchen Cabinet Door Finishes

    Selecting Materials & Finishes for Cabinets

    Selecting Countertop Materials

    Selecting Splashback Materials

  • Selecting Flooring

    Selecting a Kitchen Sink

    Selecting Kitchen Taps

    Selecting a Refrigerator

    Selecting a Cooker

    Selecting a Hood

    Selecting a Dishwasher

    Selecting Kitchen Lighting


    Designer Profile

    Current Kitchen Trends

    Kitchen Mood Boards

  • Introduction to Bathroom Design

    Selecting a Bath

    Selecting a Shower

    Selecting a Bathroom Sink

    Selecting Bathroom Taps

    Selecting a Toilet

    Selecting Flooring

    Selecting Wall Coverings

    Selecting Bathroom Lights

    Current Bathroom Trends

    Bathroom Mood Boards

Advanced Module

Commercial Design

Are you searching for a new challenge? Then why not take your Interior Design skills to the next level & get into Commercial Design!

Stay one step ahead and learn everything about retail & hospitality to office & exhibition design, whilst gaining valuable knowledge on how to operate a sustainable design practice.

Cost £125.00

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  • Introduction to Commercial Design

    Office Design

    Making Work a Pleasure

    Example of a Modern Office

    Hospitality Design

    Restaurant Design

  • Designed For Service

    Hotel Suite Design

    Retail Design

    Retail Therapy – Creating the Right Moves

    Design for the Disabled (Universal Design for all)

    Sustainable Design Practice

  • Guidelines for the Responsible Interior Designer

    Exhibition Design

    Trade Shows

    International Trade Exhibitions

    You as a Designer

    Concept Development

Advanced Module

AutoCAD for Interior Designers

Take your interior design skills to another level by learning AutoCAD - the industry leader for computer aided design.

In this easy to follow module, author Leigh Romanello will teach you all you need to know about AutoCAD.

From downloading the free student version, to designing beautiful, scaled floor plans...This Advanced Module has it all!

Cost £125.00

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  • About the Author: Leigh Romanello

    AutoCAD for Interior Designers

    Downloading AutoCAD

    Opening AutoCAD

    AutoCAD User Interface

    Drawing Commands

  • Modifying Commands

    Moving Around the Drawing Window

    Setting up the Drawing

    Developing the Plan

    Creating Professional Drawings

    Using Advanced Commands

  • Drawing Different Types of Lines

    Using AutoCAD for Measurements

    Dimensioning the Plan

    Printing and Plotting the Drawing


    Command Aliases

Advanced Module

Setting Up Your Own Website

Our Advanced Module will teach you how to set up & maintain your own website to attract your ideal clients & display your work.

The author, Jason Marty, has years of experience in web & graphic design, working with a huge range of high profile clients. Jason has shared his expertise in an easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting you & your work seen online.

Cost £125.00

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  • Introduction

    About the Author: Jason Marty

    Setting Up Your Own Website

    Understanding Domain Names

    What is a Domain Name?

    Why Does a Domain Name Have to be Registered?

    How Does a Domain Name Work?

    Understanding Hosting

    Registering Your Domain Name & Buying Hosting

    Scenario 1: You Require a Domain Name & Hosting

    Scenario 2: You Have a Domain Name & Require Hosting

    Scenario 3: You Already Have a Domain Name & Hosting

    Domain Name Delegation

  • Installing WordPress

    Download WordPress

    Uploading WordPress to Your Server via FTP

    Setting up the Database

    Completing the WordPress Installation

    Building Your Website - Part A

    Plan Your Website

    Prepare Your Content

    Build Your Website

    Building Your Website - Part A Check

    Building Your Website - Part B

    Prepare Your Content

    Build Your Website

  • Building Your Website - Part B Check

    WordPress Admin Reference

    The WordPress Admin Area

    Admin Toolbar

    Posts & Pages

    Post & Page Content Areas